Wellness & Spa center Leonida

Wellness & Spa center Leonida

Sauna world

The combination of warm and soothing colors of natural materials with pleasantly fragrant notes creates a relaxing and soothing ambience. With our professional and friendly staff, our Wellness & Spa center is a corner for relaxation, renewal of physical energy, and improvement of your general (health) condition.

Finnish Sauna

When staying in the sauna, the heat improves blood circulation and leads to sweating of the body, which strengthens the immune system, and cleanses the body of toxins and relieves tension and stress. Excessive sweating in saunas cleans the skin better than any pharmaceutical remedy, because opening the pores allows dead cells and impurities that are deep in the skin to come to the surface. The sauna also allows athletes to recover muscles and remove inflammation.

Bio Sauna

Bio sauna is a combination of Finnish and steam sauna and is an imitation of the climate from tropical forests. It has an extremely beneficial effect on problems with the chronic respiratory system, such as bronchitis, asthma and allergies. It improves the blood circulation of the respiratory tract many times and cleans it from allergens.

Steam bath

It helps in overcoming the stresses of everyday life, relaxing and gaining new strength as well as improving general physical and mental well-being. It is a type of sauna in which high humidity is present, up to 100%.


Quiet and peaceful room with relaxing warm benches, which have a very pleasant effect on the nervous system and return the organization to its natural balance.


Kneipp therapy, circular movement alternately through hot and cold water improves circulation, reduces problems with allergies, rheumatism and digestive organs.

Cooling Barrels

After using the sauna, the blood vessels dilate and the body warms up. By entering the barrels with cold water, the blood vessels narrow and their volume decreases, and this cyclic process improves blood circulation.